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WAAF Women’s Auxiliary Air Force
WACT Welsh Advisory Committee on Telecommunications
WDA Welsh Development Agency
WEA Workers’ Educational Association
WEU Western European Union
WFD Westminster Foundation for Democracy
WFP World Food Programme (UN)
WGA Whole of Government Accounts
WHC Welsh Medical Committee
WHO World Health Organization (UN)
WIPA Work Incentives, Poverty Analysis
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization (UN)
WIR Workforce, Innovation and Reward
WIT White Paper Implementation Team
WLB Welsh Language Board
WLGA Welsh Local Government Association
WMO World Meteorological Organization (UN)
WNC Women’s National Commission
WPA War Pensions Agency
WPC War Pensions Committee
WS Writer to the Signet
WTB Wales Tourist Board
WTO World Tourism Organization (UN); World Trade Organization
WW Welfare to Work
www World Wide Web
YC Young Conservative
YJB Youth Justice Board for England and Wales

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