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T&AF Territorial and Auxiliary Forces
TA Tax Administration; Territorial Army
TARO Territorial Army Reserve of Officers
TASS Technical Administrative and Supervisory Section of MSF (qv)
TAVRA Territorial Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve Association
TBA The Buying Agency
TD Territorial Efficiency Decoration
TEA Training and Employment Agency
TEC Technician Education Council; Training and Enterprise Council
TEF Treasury Economic Forecast
TfL Transport for London
TGO Timber Growers’ Association
TGWU Transport and General Workers Union
THHAT Tower Hamlets Housing Action Trust
TI Tax Issues
TIA Treasury Internal Audit
TL Team Leader
TLB Top Level Budget
TMB Treasury Management Board
TOA Treasury Office of Accounts
TOTE Horserace Totalisator Board
TP Tax Policy
TRS The Rent Service
TSEs Transmissible Spungiform Encephalopathies
TSRB Top Salaries Review Body
TTA Teacher Training Agency
TU Trade Union
TUC Trades Union Congress
TUPE Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment Regulation)
TUS Trade Union Side
TV Television

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