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S Scotland
S4C Welsh Fourth Channel
SA South Africa; South Australia
SAAS Student Awards Agency for Scotland
SAC Scottish Arts Council
SACOT Scottish Advisory Committee on Telecommunications
SAH St Andrews House
SAMS Scottish Association for Marine Science
SASA Scottish Agricultural Science Agency
SBAC Society of British Aerospace Companies
SBS Small Business Service
SCAA School Curriculum and Assessment Authority
SCARAB Steering Committee on Resource Accounts and Budgeting
SCCRC Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission
SCE Service Children’s Education
SCESB Scottish Conveyancing and Executry Services Board
SCRA Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration
SCRI Scottish Crop Research Institute
SCS Senior Civil Servant
SDA Scottish Development Agency
SDLP Social Democratic and Labour Party
SDP Social Democratic Party
SECS Scottish Executive Corporate Services
SEDD Scottish Executive Development Department
SEED Scottish Executive Education Department
SEEDA South East England Development Agency
SEELLD Scottish Executive Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Department
SEF Scottish Executive Finance
SEHD Scottish Executive Health Department
SEI Silsoe Research Institute
SEJD Scottish Executive Justice Department
SEN Special Educational Needs
SENT Special Education Needs Tribunal
SEO Society of Education Officers
SEPA Scottish Environment Protection Agency
SERAD Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department
SERC Science and Engineering Research Council
SERO South East Regional Office
SES Scottish Executive Secretariat
SEU Social Exclusion Unit
SF Sinn Féin
SFC Scottish Further Education Funding Council
SFEFC Scottish Further Education Funding Council
SFO Serious Fraud Office
SFPA Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency
SH Saughton House
SHAC London Housing Aid Centre
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe
SHEFC Scottish Higher Education Funding Council
SHERT Scottish Hospital Endowments Research Trust
SIs Statutory Instruments
SIS Secret Intelligence Service
SITPRO Simpler Trade Procedures Board
SKOPE Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance
SLAB Scottish Legal Aid Board
SLC Student Loans Company
SLD Scottish Liberal Democrats; Social and Liberal Democrats
SMAG Spectrum Management Advisory Group
SMG Scottish Media Group
SMMT Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd
SMRU Sea Mammal Research Unit
SNH Scottish Natural Heritage
SNP Scottish National Party
SOC Southampton Oceanography Centre
SOGAT Society of Graphical and Allied Trades
SOLACE Society of Local Authority Chief Executives
SP Scottish Parliament
SPARTA Sports and Recreational Association of the ODPM and DfT
SPAs Special Advisers
SPCB Scottish Parliament Corporate Body
SPICE Scottish Parliament Information Centre
SPPA Scottish Public Pensions Agency
SPS Scottish Prison Service
SPUC Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child
SQA Scottish Qualifications Authority
SRA Strategic Rail Authority
SRB Single Regeneration Budget
SRC Science Research Council; Students’ Representative Council
SRN State Registered Nurse
SRO Supplementary Reserve of Officers
SS Saints
SSA Ships Support Agency; Social Security Agency; Standard Spending Assessment
SSAC Social Security Advisory Committee
SSAFA Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmen’s Families Association
SSC Solicitor before Supreme Court (Scotland)
SSCUP Scottish Senior Citizens Unity Party
SSEB South of Scotland Electricity Board
SSG Small Systems Group
SSP Scottish Socialist Party
SSRA Shadow Strategic Rail Authority
SSRB Review Body on Senior Salaries
SSRC Social Science Research Council
SSSI Sites of Special Scientific Interest
STRB School Teachers’ Review Body
STSS Scottish Teachers’ Superannuation Scheme
STV Single Transferable Vote
SU Strategy Unit
SVQ Scottish Vocational Qualification
SWRDA South West England Development Agency
SWRO South West Regional Office

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