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PA Personal Assistant
PAC Public Accounts Committee
PACE Property Advisers to the Civil Estate
PACNI Planning Appeals Commission (Northern Ireland)
PACTS Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
PAG Property Advisory Group
PAM Professions Allied to Medicine
PANI Northern Ireland Policing Board
PAO Prince Albertís Own
PASEG Parliamentary Astronomy and Space Environment Group
PATS Pensions Appeal Tribunal for Scotland
PAU Public Appointments Unit
PBC Parliamentary Boundary Commission for England
PBNI Probation Board for Northern Ireland
PC Privy Counsellor; Productivity and Competitiveness; Plaid Cymru
PCA Police Complaints Authority
PCC Press Complaints Commission
PCID Plans, Compensation and International Division
PCSD Personnel and Central Services Division
PE Procurement Executive
PEP Public Enterprise Partnerships
PERM Permanent Secretary
PES Public Expenditure Survey
PFI Private Finance Initiative
PGCE Post Graduate Certificate of Education
PH Pentland House
PHAB Physically Handicapped and Able-bodied
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
PHGD Planning, Housing and Growth Division
PHLS Public Health Laboratory Service Board
PHQ Parliament Headquarters
PHSI Plant Health and Seeds Inspectorate
PIA Personal Investment Authority
PIDU Policy Innovation and Delivery Unit
PINS Planning Inspectorate
PITCOM Parliamentary Information Technology Committee
PITO Police Information Technology Organisation
PIU Performance and Innovations Unit
PlC Plaid Cymru
plc Public Limited Company
PLP Parliamentary Labour Party
PLR Public Lending Right and the Public Lending Right Advisory Committee; Registrar of Public Lending Right
PM Personnel Management; Prime Minister
PMB Private Memberís Bill
PMDU Prime Ministerís Delivery Unit
PMF Performance Monitoring and Finance
PMFSU Prime Ministerís Forward Strategy Unit
PMG Post Master General
PML Plymouth Marine Laboratory
PMOS Prime Ministerís Official Spokesman
PMPA Public Management and Policy Association
PMS Personal Medical Services
PO Post Office
POEU Post Office Engineering Union
POL Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory
POST Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
POUNC Post Office Usersí National Council
PoW Prisoner of War
PPA Pay and Personnel Agency
PPARC Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
PPB Professional and Policy Branch
PPD Planning Policy Division
PPE Philosophy, Politics and Economics
PPP Public Private Partnerships
PPRS Pharmaceutical Price Regulatory Scheme
PPS Parliamentary Private Secretary; Political Planning Services; Principal Private Secretary
PQs Parliamentary Questions
PR Proportional Representation; Public Relations
PRA Passport and Records Agency
PRASEG Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group
PRO Public Record Office
PROD Productivity
PRODS Public Requests Orders for Disposal (of Land)
PRONI Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
PS Public Services
PSA Public Services Agreement
psc Graduate of Staff College
PSD Pesticides Safety Directorate
PSDA Public Services Delivery Analysis
PSF Public Sector Finances
PSI Policy Studies Institute
PSO Personnel Staff Officer
PSP Public Service Pension
PSPP Public Services Productivity Panel Unit
PSPSU Productivity Services Panel Support Unit
PSSF Personal Social Services Finance
PSV Public Service Vehicle
PSX Public Services and Public Expenditure
PTEs Passenger Transport Executive
PTO Public Trust Office
PUP Progressive Unionist Party
PUS Parliamentary Under-Secretary; Permanent Under-Secretary
PWO Prince of Walesís Own

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