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Slovakia held a general election on 17 June in which the government, a coalition led by the Slovak Democratic Coalition (SDKU), was defeated. Party Direction - Third Way (Smer) won the largest share of the vote and the SDKU came second.

Although the incumbent government did much to make the economy attractive to inward investment, progress has been uneven, with development mainly in Bratislava and the west of the country, and poor wages and high levels of unemployment in the centre and east, which is thought to have bred resentment against the government.

Results are as follows:

Party Direction - Third Way (Smer) 29.14 per cent 50 seats
Slovak Democratic Coalition (SDKU) 18.35 per cent 31 seats
Slovak National Party (SNS) 11.73 per cent 20 seats
Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK-MKP) 11.68 per cent 20 seats
Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) 8.79 per cent 15 seats
Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) 8.31 per cent 14 seats
Others 12.00 per cent ----
Turnout 54.67 per cent ---
Total 100 per cent 150 seats

19 June 2006

 Last updated: 19/06/2006 10:33:00

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