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Romano Prodiís new government passed its final hurdle, approval by the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Italian parliament, on 23 May.

The new Italian government won the confidence vote by a margin of 344 votes to 268. The result was never in doubt, as the government has a majority of 70 seats in the lower house.

The proposed new Union alliance Italian Cabinet comprises members of the Olive Tree Movement (Ulivo) (itself composed of The Daisy (M), the Democrats of the Left (DS), and the European Republican Movement), the Communist Refoundation Party (PRC), the Rose in the Fist (RnP), the Party of Italian Communists (PCI), Italy of Values (IDV), the Federation of the Greens (FV), Popular Alliance-Democratic Union for Europe (UDEUR), the Pensioners' Party, the South Tyrolean People's Party, the Socialists, the Consumers' List, the League for Autonomy-Lombard Alliance, Autonomy-Liberty-Democracy, and the Veneto Front League.:

Prime Minister Romano Prodi (Ulivo-Ind.)
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Massimo DíAlema (DS)
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture Francesco Rutelli (Ulivo-M)
Under-Secretaries of State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Enrico Letta (Ulivo-M)
Enrico Micheli (Ulivo-Ind.)
Fabio Gobbo (Ulivo-Ind.)
Riccardo Franco Levi (Ulivo-M)
Minister for the Interior Giuliano Amato (Ulivo-Ind.)
Minister for Justice Clemente Mastella (UDEUR)
Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance Tommaso Padoa Schioppa (Ind.)
Minister for Economic Development Pierluigi Bersani (Ulivo-DS)
Minister for Universities and Reseach Fabio Mussi (Ulivo-DS)
Minister for Education Beppe Fioroni (Ulivo-M)
Minister for Labour and Social Security Cesare Damiano (Ulivo-DS)
Minister for Social Solidarity Paolo Ferrero (PRC)
Minister for Defence Arturo Parisi (Ulivo-M)
Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry Paolo De Castro (Ulivo-Ind.)
Minister for the Environment and Territorial Protection Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio (FV)
Minister for Infrastructure Antonio Di Pietro (IDV)
Minister for Transport Alessandro Bianchi (PdCI)
Minister for Health Livia Turco (Ulivo-DS)
Minister for Communications Paolo Gentiloni (Ulivo-M)
Minister for Regional Affairs and Local Autonomy Linda Lanzillotta (Ulivo-M)
Minister in charge of carrying out the Governmentís programme Giulio Santagata (Ulivo-M)
Minister for Institutional Reform Luigi Nicolais (Ulivo-DS)
Minister for Civil Rights and Equal Opportunities Barbara Pollastrini (Ulivo-DS)
Minister for European Policy and International Trade Emma Bonino (RnP)
Minister for Relations with Parliament and Institutional Reform Vannino Chiti (Ulivo-DS)
Minister for Family Policy Rosy Bindi (Ulivo-M)
Minister for Youth and Sports Giovanna Melandri (Ulivo-DS)

24 May 2006

 Last updated: 05/06/2006 11:48:00

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