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Cypriot voters re-elected the incumbent government in a general election held on 21 May.

The ruling coalition of the Working Peopleís Progressive Party (AKEL) and the Democratic Party (DIKO) won just over 49 per cent of the vote, with the main opposition party, the Democratic Rally (DISY), winning 30 per cent.

The general election is the first since the 2004 referendum in which Cypriots voted to reject the UN plan to reunite the island.

Full results follow:

AKEL 31.13 per cent 18 seats
DISY 30.34 per cent 18 seats
DIKO 17.92 per cent 11 seats
Socialist Democrats 8.91 per cent 5 seats
European Party 5.75 per cent 3 seats
Ecological Environment Movement 1.95 per cent 1 seat
United Democrats 1.56 per cent ---
Free Citizenís Movement 1.22 per cent ---
European Democracy 0.44 per cent ---
Huntersí Political Movement 0.26 per cent ---
People's Socialist Movement 0.23 per cent ---
Others 0.29 per cent ---
Maronite, Roman Catholic and Armenian minorities --- 3 seats
Turnout 89.2 per cent
Total 100 per cent 59 seats

22 May 2006

 Last updated: 22/05/2006 11:09:00

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